Monday, March 10, 2008

My Blogging Experience

I was never much on blogging or writing at all. When our english professor told us that we would have to keep a blog for class, I thought to myself, "Oh great, more writing."

As we picked a topic I couldn't think of anything else better to write about then the newborn I have on the way. By keeping this blog it has allowed me to express my feelings and tell what I'm going through. I have really enjoyed writing post every week and being public lets other people comment on my post. When people comment on my post it gives me the feeling that they are understanding what I'm going through and give me advice.

Also by writing blogs for class it has given me a look at what other people in the class are interested in or going through. It's hard for us to see things that are going on in other people's worlds because we are so caught up in our own. It was nice to see what some people's views were on steroid use in professional sports. It was also interesting to see that there wasn't much confrontation due to the fact we were all trying to be coutious of each other. I would like to see how outsiders of the class would view some of the topics and respond.

Overall, I really enjoyed making post and I will continue after this point. It is a very informal way for me to express myself and get feedback, good or bad. I just want to keep on writing, I know thats a shock to those who know me best.

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Derek John Boczkowski said...

Well, zxrider, I'm not shocked, as you write well. I too wish we had more commenting from outside of class. That was my fault. I hope to read more about the impending bundle of joy in the future!